Guard Tour System – Fushun Guanglianda Group 4S Store

Location: Fushun Guanglianda Group 4S Store

Project Necessity

1. Beautiful environment and good safe production conditions are the lifeblood of 4S stores, and are the primary conditions for all work. Therefore, managers must pay attention to the safety environment of employees, customers, stores and surroundings at any time. Only by ensuring work safety can accidents be avoided and a good environment be guaranteed to ensure the better operation of 4S stores.
2.4s the security in the store not only bears the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the personnel, vehicles and property in the store, but also is an important part of the store image. Therefore, it is very important to establish a good security personnel working system.


In order to provide better environment and security services for 4S stores in the park, Fushun Guanglianda Group has introduced the JWM guard tour patrol management system to manage the security guards in the park and store electronically. The store security system overall upgrade, not only let employees work safely, also let the customer experience better professional services.

Project Introduction

After using the guard tour system, security can be carried out in accordance with the stipulated time patrol, improve the 4 s shop’s safety and disposal of emergency ability, timely and effective prevention for the various security hidden danger in the 4 s shops inside and outside, to ensure the safety of lives and property owners and employees.

Solve Problems

1. Security guards can manage the safety of the parking lot, customer center and other public areas according to the safety management system of 4S stores to ensure the good operation of 4S stores.
2. It ensures that security personnel are on duty at all times. By enhancing patrol awareness, sudden accidents can be detected, reported and handled in a timely manner, order on the scene can be maintained, and developments can be prevented.
3. The group management can check the security patrol information of its 4S stores at any time through the background guard tour system software, realizing the purpose of centralized management.
4. Security guards can timely solve customer problems and disputes, maintain good order in public areas and ensure a good image of 4S stores.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S