Guard Tour System-Fu Yao Shenzhou Furniture Co., Ltd

Location: Fu Yao Shenzhou Furniture Co., Ltd

Project Necessity

1. The manager cannot know whether the patrolling security guards will patrol according to the location on time, which is inconvenient for personnel management.
2. Patrol guards cannot timely send patrol data to managers after off-duty, and cannot timely update statistical patrol data.
3. Patrol security guards miss patrol and wrong patrol key areas, causing unsafe accidents and property losses.


Fu Yao Shenzhou furniture Co., Ltd. Main solid wood, board furniture. As the main material of furniture is wood products, it is flammable, so the company attaches great importance to the safety of the factory area. In the face of security risks that may occur at any time, the management of the company in addition to arranging enough patrol security guards, but also introduced the JWM guard cloud patrol system.

Project Introduction

The management personnel shall install patrol points at all locations that need to be inspected in the factory, input the patrol points into the cloud patrol system, and make patrol plans. Patrol security guards need to patrol according to the patrol plan, check each patrol point installation location area. security guards can upload patrol data to the patrol system in real-time, and managers can check patrol records through mobile phones or computers installed with cloud patrol software.

Solve Problems

1.The patrol management system avoids the problem of incomplete data caused by the loss and damage of paper patrol data forms.
2.Without supervision and patrol in the factory, managers can check and upload patrol data through mobile phones in real-time.
3. Mobile phones or computers installed with the same set of cloud patrol software can view patrol data, which can realize multi-person synchronous reception.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000X1