Guard Tour System-Foshan Air Force Base

Location:Foshan Air Force Base


Project Necessity:

1. The sign-in tool is easy to damage, needs to be replaced regularly, the cost is high and the operation process is complicated. 

2. Over-reliance on the sense of responsibility of the patrol personnel, the execution of work is arbitrary, it is difficult to supervise and evaluate performance, and it is easy to fake. 

3. The current management system cannot cope with complex data processing, requires a lot of manual operation, wastes time and is prone to errors. 

4.The patrol results are difficult to analyze, and the patrol data is not helpful in implementing preventive measures.


JWM customized and designed a security patrol and emergency response system for the Foshan Air Force Base. The guards is equipped with GPS guard tour system reader to patrol the base, and the management center can grasp the patrol position in real time through the GIS system. If an emergency occurs, the management center can mobilize the nearest team to the scene to solve the problem in time. 

Project Introduction:

The JWM guard tour patrol system has changed the traditional manual check-in mode of patrol personnel in the airport, improved patrol efficiency and data availability, realized the sharing of patrol data and equipment data, further standardized the patrol management process, and strengthened the supervision of patrol work . Ensure the safety of airport terminals, security gates, boarding gates, airport shops, airport restaurants and other places without fail, and use technological innovation to allow patrol supervision anytime and anywhere, time-effective and more secure. Make the airport indoor patrol management level completely new.

Solve Problems:

1. Setting up patrol tasks through the guard tour patrol management software system can ensure that patrol personnel check the safety of the entire airport on time and by location to achieve centralized management. 

2. Inspections include 24-hour patrols and inspections of key guard positions, such as runways and repair warehouses. Through targeted inspections, missed and false inspections are reduced, and the safety of the airport and personnel is ensured. 

3. When encountering an emergency, the patrol can send alarm information to the management center in time through the GPS guard tour patrol reader. 

Product Introduction: