Guard Tour System-Dezhou Water Supply Company

Location: Dezhou Water Supply Company

Project Necessity

1. The security guards may leave their posts or neglect their duties, resulting in leakage in the water supply pipe network, damage to the water supply pipe network facilities and unsolved problems of disorderly switching valves.
2. The water supply pipe network and its attached facilities are occupied illegally, and there is illegal construction nearby, which cannot be stopped and reported to the police in time.
3. Record the pipeline patrol report based on experience, but the data is not accurate, and the pipeline line data is often missing, so preventive measures cannot be accurately formulated.


As a part of the infrastructure of Texas, the water pipeline of the Dezhou water supply company is patrolled by using the GPS guard tour system of JWM to further ensure the normal daily water use of urban residents and ensure the quality of water supply. Through the system to further strengthen and improve the relevant patrol system, and through GPS positioning means to achieve the effective supervision and management of maintenance security guards.

Project Introduction

The problem of drinking water is a worldwide problem. China is also a country with serious shortage of drinking water. According to statistics, among the 669 cities in China, more than 400 cities suffer from water shortage of varying degrees, and 103 of them are seriously short of water. The shortage of water resources is becoming more and more serious, but there are many problems in the utilization of water resources in Dezhou, which seriously affect the rational development and utilization of water resources in Dezhou. To solve these problems, we should not only make full use of economic means to promote rational allocation of water resources, but also adopt advanced management techniques to improve the level of water use, water-saving, and water pollution prevention and control.

Solve Problems

1. The pipeline line patrol management system, through the management terminal in the management center, completes the installation of pipeline patrol points, sections and routes, and the deployment of maintenance personnel’s patrol tasks, thus reducing the accidents caused by the departure from the post.
2. To realize the management center’s review of the patrol route of security guards and the assessment of security guards’ work, so as to achieve the purpose of centralized management, and obtain more scientific patrol resource data by checking pipeline line resource data.
3. Apart from the transmission function when necessary, the patrol handheld device can also collect patrol data through the computer terminals located in various locations and upload them to the management center.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+