Guard Tour System - Dazhou Public Security Bureau Tongchuan Branch

Location:Dazhou Public Security Bureau Tongchuan Branch


Project Necessity:

1. During the period of high traffic frequency in the station, the bus in the station is not smooth to leave the station, often due to the random parking of the vehicles, which leads to the departure of the station. 

2. A large number of fire-fighting facilities are installed everywhere in the station. Due to the large number, patrol personnel often forget to check, resulting in a large number of fire-fighting facilities expired or damaged. 

3. At each bus stop, it is necessary to check the parking place and stop sign of the vehicle. The installation checkpoint is easy to be damaged by humans, which increases the cost.


The Tongchuan District Bureau of Dazhou Public Security Bureau won the honorary title of “Excellent Public Security Bureau of Sichuan Province”. In order to ensure the safety of the people and the safety and stability of the social order, the Tongzhou sub-district has introduced the JWM security guard tour patrol system to strengthen the patrol of the streets and densely populated areas in the Tongzhou area to prevent problems before they occur and strengthen the response to accidents.

Project Introduction:

Managers of Tongchuan District Bureau can install checkpoints or collect location coordinates according to the patrol police’s daily patrol areas, locations and other key locations, and record the patrol personnel and patrol time into the GPS guard patrol system. GPS intelligent guard patrol system will automatically draw patrol records and patrol tracks according to the information uploaded by the manager. When patrolling, the police can patrol according to the patrol plan or track, and deal with problems in time. The GPS guard patrol system will draw a patrol report based on the uploaded patrol information.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the problem of missing patrols due to the large patrol range and complicated routes during patrols. 

2. Solved the situation where the patrol route was forgotten after the temporary handling of the problem during the patrol. 

3. Solved the problem that it took a lot of time to record the patrol report after the patrol. 

Product Introduction: