Guard Tour System - Dalian Sinotrans Logistics Co., Ltd.

Location:Dalian Sinotrans Logistics Co., Ltd.


Project Necessity:

1. Too many patrol records, heavy statistical workload, and time-consuming and labor-intensive query and analysis. 

2. It is impossible to verify whether patrol personnel go to patrol, and it is impossible to check patrol records, and the supervision is weak. 

3. In case of emergencies, the management center cannot be notified in time to make emergency response.


Dalian Sinotrans Logistics Co., Ltd. carries international freight forwarding services, including: freight forwarding, shipping, logistics consulting services; cargo handling, container parts processing; warehousing operations and logistics services. Dalian Sinotrans Logistics Co., Ltd. introduced the JWM guard tour patrol management system to supervise and manage patrol personnel. 


Project Introduction:

Cloud patrol thoroughly facilitates management personnel, who can view patrol records through mobile phones or computers anytime and anywhere. Cloud patrol adopts WAN-based cloud computing and cloud storage technology. The administrator can query the patrol information so that the computer or host is not restricted to the occasion, and the Internet can be queried. The mobile client on the mobile phone can comprehensively view the relevant information. The security personnel are no longer subject to the fixed-point restriction of uploading information. The information collected at each checkpoint is uploaded to the cloud storage center in time. The security personnel can use the guard tour system reader to transmit information at any time. The patrol information is uploaded to the cloud server instantly. Lag, easy for managers to manage.

Solve Problems:

1. Strengthen the internal control mechanism to avoid lack of management. 

2. Standardize patrol actions, find defects and errors in time, and reduce risks. 

3. Convenient data retrieval and report statistics function to improve work efficiency. Historical patrol data is recorded in the database, and the results of different periodic patrols can be counted at any time. 

4. Paperless work to avoid damage and data loss. 

Product Introduction: