Guard Tour System - Dalian Public Security Bureau

Location:Dalian Public Security Bureau


Project Necessity:

The current social development and economic construction have entered a stage of comprehensive acceleration. Development requires stability as a guarantee. The first priority of public security organs is to create a stable and harmonious social security environment, and implement a service mode of dynamic security management and control on streets and communities 24 hours a day. Realize the establishment of an effective patrol prevention and control system based on scientific and technological communications, unified command, first reception of the police, garrison on the street, linkage of all police, and rapid response. The effective management of patrol police and patrol team members through technical means greatly reduces the cost of fighting crime.


The Dalian Public Security Bureau is a municipal government department in charge of public security work in this city. It has 12 districts, city (county) branches and more than 30 business departments. In order to maintain social stability, the Dalian Public Security Bureau introduced the JWM Intelligent Patrol Management System to manage patrols and social security, effectively strengthening the handling and response to social emergencies, and providing strong protection for social peace.


Project Introduction:

According to the customized requirements of the Dalian Public Security Bureau, JWM designed a GPS patrol management system for public security patrols. The patrols hold GPS guard tour patrol reader in the specified patrol area and patrol at the time specified by the command center. The guard tour patrol reader will automatically acquire satellites. The longitude, latitude, and time information sent out are uploaded to the management center via GPRS in the form of checkpoints or patrol tracks. The command center can supervise and view the specific location and patrol track of the police in real time through the electronic map inside the public security. This set of system software analyzes, processes, replays the trajectory, makes statistics and reports on the returned data, providing a scientific and accurate assessment basis for the command center.

Solve Problems:

1. Real-time monitoring of patrol police by setting up the control and command center in the prefecture and city to achieve the purpose of centralized management. 

2. The map can display the location of the patrol, the patrol’s action track is automatically tracked, and the warning information is uploaded in time. 

3. The control command center is linked with 110 and 120 to solve the emergency treatment of on-site emergencies and realize the emergency transfer of on-site personnel. 

4. Obtain more scientific patrol resource data, collect patrol data, and conduct patrol situation assessment. 5. Strengthen the scientific means of security management, and the technological realization is advanced.

Product Introduction: