Guard Tour System – Dalian Fire Bureau

Location: Dalian Fire Bureau

Project Necessity

In recent years, in order to further ensure the property safety of intelligent residential areas, factories, warehouses, hotels, schools and other enterprises, each enterprise has strengthened the establishment and improvement of fire protection patrol system, but it is still unable to stop the frequent occurrence of property losses, fires, user complaints caused by security negligence. How to strengthen the effective supervision of patrol personnel through scientific and effective technical means is an important issue that cannot be ignored by current managers.


Dalian Fire Bureau has used the JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd fire safety guard tour and management system to innovate the management of fire patrol, and link up with hundreds of key protection enterprises in the seven districts of the city through the patrol system. Through strengthening patrols to improve service level, taking innovative social fire control management as a breakthrough, meeting the people’s fire safety needs as a standard, strengthening the awareness of paying equal attention to management and service, improving management efficiency in improving service, and improving service level in strengthening management.

Project Introduction

Managers can view the work of each patrol area in real-time in the JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd fire safety guard tour and management system plan; each patrol area can load the corresponding area plan map, and mark the corresponding patrol in the patrol area. Patrol information can be displayed on the map in real time and can be judged by the color change of the checkpoints. Patrol information can be queried by departments, lines, time and other related patrol information. Patrol information query can choose patrol status query at will display the query results in the patrol information query interface, and distinguish missed and qualified by different colors. The fire control center carries out unified management and regularly organizes patrol and maintenance to ensure that fire fighting facilities and equipment are in good condition and effective; it also solves the emergency treatment of on-site emergencies, realizes the emergency mobilization of on-site personnel, and achieves the purpose of centralized management.

Solve Problems

1. Scientific means of safety management, advanced technology, and real-time monitoring of on-site patrol personnel to achieve centralized management.
2. To solve the problem that a large amount of construction fees and material fees need to be invested in the traditional on-line patrol mode, and to solve the problem that patrol information cannot be uploaded in real time under the off-line patrol mode.
3. Solve the problem that the missing information can not realize sound alarm in off-line patrol mode; Solve the problem that the map cannot display the location of patrol personnel in off-line mode.
4. To solve the problem of frequent damage and man-made destruction of traditional product keys; to solve the emergency treatment of unexpected events on the spot to achieve emergency mobilization of personnel on the spot.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5