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Location: Dalian Cosco Khi Ship Engineering Co., Ltd

Project Necessity

1. Shipyard production environment is complex, electric welding, with a point of operation, flammable and explosive operation of the post safety hazards.
2. Part of the equipment is old, prone to failure, once the inspection is not timely, it is easy to have a great potential safety hazard.
3. When the manager is not in the factory, the patrol personnel neglect their duties, and there is no way to know whether they are missing or not.


Dalian Cosco Khi Ship Engineering Co., Ltd founded on July 18, 2007, is the second modern large ship enterprise invested and constructed by Cosco ship building and Cosco heavy industries after Nantong Cosco Khi. In order to improve the shipyard repair and construction quality and law-abiding awareness, and to implement the shipyard patrol system, Dalian Cosco Khi Ship Engineering Co., Ltd decided to use the JWM mobile phone guard tour patrol APP to enhance the patrol quality of the factory, protect the safety of workers and protect the interests of the shipyard after various inspections and considerations.

Project Introduction

The manager shall install qr code checkpoints according to the environment of the factory and the locations that need to be inspected, mark the location information of the qr code checkpoints in the data as the location name, and upload the name of patrol personnel and patrol time to the guard tour system, and the system will automatically make the patrol plan.
When patrol personnel patrol, mobile phone patrol APP needs to scan the code of each qr code checkpoint and check whether there is any hidden danger around. Guard tour system patrol APP will upload the data to the management center, and the system will draw a patrol report based on the uploaded data. The manager can receive the patrol report indirectly at the first time by installing the mobile phone or computer of patrol management APP.

Solve Problems

1. It has solved the situation that the working environment is complex and the production is not standard.
2. Solved the equipment failure, the first time can not be found to solve the hidden trouble.
3. It solves the problem that if the manager is not in the factory, he cannot know whether the patrol personnel patrol in accordance with the regulations, and the safety of the shipyard cannot be guaranteed.

Product Introduction

Model: Wepatrol