Guard Tour System – Chuzhou Wen’s Livestock Co., Ltd.

Location: Chuzhou Wen’s Livestock Co., Ltd.

Project Necessity:

1. Farming plants need a series of sanitation measures such as disinfection and sterilization every day. If the work is not done properly, it is easy to cause diseases such as livestock and cause great economic losses.
2. Once the manager leaves the work area, he cannot know whether the person responsible for feeding is going to feed on time.
3. Once there is a safety issue in the venue, it is impossible to know exactly who is the main responsible person, and the manager assumes full responsibility.


Chuzhou Wen’s Livestock Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Wen’s Food Group Co., Ltd., a key national agricultural industrialization enterprise. It plans to lease about 6000 acres of mountainous land. It plans to build 2 breeder farms, 2 hatcheries, and 7 One breeding farm and one original breeding farm. Chuzhou Wen’s Livestock Co., Ltd introduced the JWM guard tour patrol system to ensure the safety of the plant area and formed a standardized patrol system.

Project Introduction:

The manager installs checkpoints according to the daily patrol needs, and formulates the patrol plan according to the assigned personnel work and time. In daily work, the staff work according to the patrol plan. After the work is completed, the data in the guard tour system reader is uploaded to the computer through the data cable. , The cloud guard tour patrol system will automatically organize the patrol data into a table for the manager to view. If the manager is not in the work area, the manager can also view the patrol records uploaded by the staff through the cloud guard tour patrol software installed on his mobile phone or computer. The records are accurate and clear at a glance. Managers can check the work situation at any time to avoid not working properly.

Solve Problems:

1. It solves the hidden safety hazards caused by staff often forgetting the time of disinfection and sterilization.
2. Solved the problem that once the manager leaves the factory, it is impossible to know whether the staff feeds on time.
3. The safety problem caused by the negligence of the staff is solved, but because there is no basis, the consequences of the problem are all borne by the manager.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V5