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Project Necessity

1. The management cannot know whether the security personnel patrol in accordance with the regulations, and whether there is leakage, mistake or even non-patrol in the patrol process.
2. There is no patrol in each corridor for a long time, which leads to the accumulation of articles and wastes in the corridor, which not only affects the appearance, but also impediments to escape in case of danger.
3. The security work is negative, the malicious destruction guard tour system patrol reader, the ordinary guard tour system patrol reader the quality is poor, easy to damage, resulting in the patrol cannot complete the accurate assessment.


Chongqing Deyi Property Management Co., LTD mainly provides property management services to major shopping malls and residential areas. Security patrol is one of the main work of property services in shopping malls and communities. In order to provide customers and owners with a safe and comfortable shopping environment and living space, Chongqing Deyi Property Management Co., LTD company has introduced the JWM cloud guard tour system to regulate security patrols.

Project Introduction

“Code cloud” cloud patrol management system, with cloud computing, cloud storage, big data technology as the core, relying on the internet-based platform patrol management system. Install checkpoints at locations where patrols are required, security concerns and surveillance blind spots. Patrol personnel hold the guard tour patrol reader to checkpoint to collect information, the system will automatically record the patrol personnel to the location of the exact time and location name. Real-time patrol information is sent to the cloud platform through GPRS/3G wireless communication. In addition to using computers, managers can also check patrol information anytime and anywhere through mobile apps such as mobile phones, tablets or WeChat.

Solve Problems

1. The application of shopping mall guard tour patrol system effectively solves the working state of security dereliction of duty, and monitors the security guard to patrol on time through high-tech means, which not only eliminates the situation of missing and wrong patrol, but also realizes the scientific management of shopping mall security.
2. Patrolling stores according to the plan can timely find problems and hidden dangers, timely conduct on-site management in case of emergencies, and maintain the business order of stores.
3. Solve the more complex operation problems of traditional cloud patrol system, so that managers can log into the system anytime and anywhere, and solve all problems in the first time.
4. Powerful cloud computing can better summarize the unified management of patrol data, which not only reduces labor costs but also eliminates data fraud, providing a scientific and accurate patrol information and query basis for managers.

Product Introduction

Model: Cloud Guard Tour Management System