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Equipment for the aluminum industry

Project Necessity

The non-ferrous metal industry as one of the high-risk industries, safety production is the first priority of enterprise development. Due to a large number of on-site production links, frequent changes in operating sites and natural conditions, and the low quality of employees, the site safety management is very weak, so there will be a lot of safety hidden dangers leading to accidents


In order to strengthen the company’s security management, let the security officers in charge of the patrol each equipped with a JWM GPS intelligent guard tour system. According to the work plan, in the specified time, along with their own jurisdiction track patrol. Collect information as required, and carry out patrol and maintenance. Take pictures of the site and make notes to send the actual situation of the site to the management center in real-time. JWM GPS patrol system to solve the complex production environment, construction difficulties, and other difficult problems. It has realized the monitoring and management of the plant security guards, played the role of preventing damage to the equipment in the plant, and effectively eliminated a variety of safety hidden dangers. 

Equipment safety patrol

Project Introduction

As the first alumina production base in new China, Shandong aluminum corporation of China has provided more than 12,000 technical and management personnel for over 100 units in China, and is known as “the cradle of China’s aluminum industry”. It is one of the first batches of national enterprise technology centers, technical support unit of national key promotion program of scientific and technological achievements and national industrialization base of new materials.

Solve Problems

  • 1. Conduct on-site patrol as planned. In the process, emergencies and security risks can be dealt with time through the function of patrol record and voice, so as to avoid increasing the harm degree. 
  • 2. Supervise the safety guards to do the patrol work, ensure the safety of the site, and check the production equipment regularly to ensure that it is in good condition. 
  • 3. Through the GPS guard tour system the patrol work is assessed, the problem of missing patrol is solved, and the patrol frequency is increased to ensure that the security guards carry out on-site security patrol management as required. 
  • 4. Analyze and process patrol information through electronic patrol management software, provide useful information for patrol inspection, formulate corresponding strategies and timely solve problems.

Product Introduction

Android Intelligent Checking Guard Security System WM-5000PH6