Guard Tour System – China Postal Savings Bank Shenyang Branch

Location: China Postal Savings Bank Shenyang Branch


Project Necessity:

1. Unable to effectively supervise the daily patrol work of security personnel, and the security personnel cannot know if they miss or wrong patrol. 

2. Ordinary patrol methods cannot allow managers to centrally manage the security situation of various regions. 

3. Failure to discover bank equipment damage in time will cause a bad experience to customers.


The Shenyang Branch of China Postal Savings Bank adheres to the corporate mission of “being the best retail bank with people in urban and rural areas” and has embarked on a unique path of business development. Under the guidance of the concept of “risk control first, management first, benefit first”, the Bank persisted in seeking progress while achieving stability, achieving the bank’s steady development and making positive contributions to the local economic development of Shenyang. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the bank, Shenyang Branch decided to apply the JWM Electronic Guard Tour Patrol System to protect the safety of the bank. JWM has always provided strong security protection for Shenyang Branch. 

Project Introduction:

The products are used in the five districts of the city, as well as Xinmin, Kangping, Liaozhong, Faku, and the business halls are scattered. The indoor business halls are adjacent to each other in about 20 minutes. They are mainly concentrated in residential areas. The first floor is the window lobby. The second floor is for internal staff. There are about 4 windows in a business hall, with non-cash business, and a 24-hour self-service business hall. The layout of all business halls is basically the same. The 24-hour business hall and office area use rolling doors at night All business halls are rented separately. Security personnel are uniformly deployed by the security company and adjusted between business halls. Each business hall is equipped with a security guard. There are two patrol plans, one is 24 hours Patrols are patrolled once every 2 hours; one is patrols only during the day, patrols once every 2 hours, 4 times a day. Each business hall installs a patrol point next to the ATM, and the security guards carry guard tour system reader to checkpoint to check in and scan, and the daily patrol data are uploaded to the guard tour patrol management system of the Shenyang branch center in real time, and the security department will supervise it.

Solve Problems:

1. Put an end to the scientific and accurate assessment and management of security patrol personnel, effectively supervise the daily patrol work of security personnel, and implement the management of patrol personnel. 

2. The patrol of security personnel can reduce various uncivilized phenomena in the service. 

3. Effectively handle various emergencies, greatly improving work efficiency. 

4. The patrol of important places reduces the incidence of crime and reduces property losses. 

5. Timely discover whether the ATM machine is malfunctioning and improve the overall service standards of the bank. 

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000L5