Guard Tour System - China - Myanmar Natural Gas Pipeline Project

Location: China – Myanmar Natural Gas Pipeline Project

Project Necessity

Pipeline patrol is an important way to ensure pipeline line safety. However, traditional patrol work is often faced with many practical problems, such as the patrol route is too long and the range is too large, which leads to the failure of the patrol. The manual recording method of patrol personnel is expensive, difficult to keep and data statistics. Failure to unify operating standards. In case of practical problems, they cannot report information in time.


China-Myanmar Natural Gas Pipeline Project is a landmark project in China’s long – term pipeline construction industry, which has solved many worldwide drilling problems. The pipeline route between China and Myanmar is long and the terrain is complicated, so it is difficult to manage the gas pipeline. The pipeline bureau chose the JWM guard tour patrol system to effectively supervise the patrol personnel of the pipeline. GPS accurate positioning enables the patrol personnel to complete the work of the line with both quality and quantity guaranteed, and also to timely find and report the problems existing in the pipeline.

Project Introduction

Patrol personnel carry out patrol with 5000P5+GPS guard tour system patrol reader according to the scheduled patrol plan. Patrol personnel patrol along the pipeline fixed-point + themselves to reduce the trajectory, when faced with an emergency can alarm to the management center, a key management center can be deployed in time, according to the actual situation of the scene at the same time can patrol according to the GPS guard tour system patrol reader back part of the actual walking path route, contrast guard tour system patrol software whether line chart to view the patrol member of the electronic map in accordance with the provisions of the plan and pipe lines for regular patrol, patrol as job evaluation basis, achieve the goal of scientific management.

Solve Problems

1. GPS patrol system solves the complex pipeline environment, construction difficulties and other problems.
2. Real-time dynamic monitoring of pipeline patrol personnel is implemented, which plays a role in preventing pipeline damage and effectively conducting scientific management of line patrol personnel.
3. Meanwhile, accurate judgment and timely deployment of on-site emergencies also make patrol management more efficient and rapid.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+