Guard Tour System – China FAW

Location: China FAW

Project Necessity

1. The traditional patrol record can be signed by others instead of guaranteeing that it is patrol by oneself. The patrol personnel change shifts at will, which affects the production order.
2. It is inconvenient and time-consuming to check in and record information of paper edition.
3. When inquiring information, it is very inconvenient to do defect analysis of data, which is not conducive to making solutions.


Changchun FAW’s predecessor is FAW Jilin Light Vehicle Factory, which was founded in 1983. It was originally a local enterprise in Jilin City. In March 1981, the first minicar in China was successfully manufactured here. On June 28, 1991, with the formal approval of the State-owned Assets Administration, FAW Jilin Light Vehicle Factory was annexed as a direct affiliated enterprise of FAW. On January 12, 2004, FAW Jilin Light Vehicle Factory was officially registered as FAW Jilin Automobile Co., Ltd. and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAW.

Project Introduction

Changchun FAW has introduced JWM guard tour patrol management system. According to the production requirements of each production line, the managers arrange the patrol staff scheduling, install the checkpoints on the patrol line, and the patrol staff carry out the patrol card on time with the guard tour patrol reader to check the area in charge of themselves. After the patrol work is completed, the data is uploaded to the computer in real time, the report forms are automatically generated, and the daily, weekly and monthly reports are produced. To complete the assessment of guard.

Solve Problems

1. It realizes the unified management and quantitative assessment of patrol personnel, avoids the waste of time and data fraud caused by manual data collation, and improves the safety responsibility consciousness of patrol personnel.
2. The management center checks and examines the security patrol route in real time, assesses the work performance of security patrol personnel, reduces the phenomenon of people leaving their posts and leaving their posts due to laziness, and also reduces the situation of negligence in patrol.
3. The guard patrol tour reader has the function of taking pictures. It can take pictures in time and upload them to the guard tour management system center in case of emergencies. It can accurately restore the scene and keep records.
4. Patrol of fire fighting facilities, medical supplies and emergency facilities in the workshop can promptly detect hidden dangers and avoid accidents and casualties.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000F3