Guard Tour System – Chaoyang Louzishan Forest Reserve

Location: Chaoyang Louzishan Forest Reserve

Project Necessity:

1. Patrol personnel are wrongly patrolling, missing patrols, unable to monitor criminals who fell trees, hunt and other illegal acts.
2. There are many trees in the protected area, which can easily cause fire and other hidden dangers.
3. The forest area is large, and the patrol personnel are not accurate when patrolling the key positions.


Due to the huge area of Louzishan Nature Reserve, patrol personnel cannot conduct full patrols every day, so Louzishan adopted the JWM GPS guard tour patrol system, with GPS positioning function, to formulate checkpoints for the key patrol positions in the protected area. Patrol personnel, patrol time, and patrol locations scientifically formulate patrol plans. Patrol officers patrol according to the patrol plan, making patrol more efficient and safer.

Project Introduction:

Patrol managers can use the Dr. J 6 guard tour system reader to formulate patrol plans according to the intelligent guard tour patrol system. Patrol officers patrol according to the plan. Protected area managers can set GPS points according to key areas of hidden danger in the forest area. Patrol officers can patrol according to points. J Doctor 6 has a GPS positioning function. Patrol personnel can find the patrol location according to the electronic map in the guard tour system reader. The guard tour system reader will automatically record the name of the location and the time of arrival, and upload the patrol data to the management center in real time and make a patrol report . The patrol report is counted in days, months, and years, providing managers with a scientific and effective assessment basis.

Solve Problems:

1. Avoid missed patrols due to the large area of the protected area and missed patrolling key patrol areas.
2. Positioning through GPS, according to the electronic map in the guard tour patrol system reader, so that patrol personnel can quickly find the patrol point in the forest area.
3. Set up checkpoints in areas of high-incidence hunting and illegal logging to improve the monitoring effect.
4. Through the GPS guard tour patrol system, it is more convenient for managers to patrol data on mobile phones.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000PH6