Guard Tour System - Changsha Bank

Location: Changsha Bank


Project Necessity:

1. Unable to effectively supervise the daily patrol work of security personnel, and the security personnel cannot know if they miss or wrong patrol. 

2. Ordinary patrol methods cannot allow managers to centrally manage the security situation of various regions. 

3. Failure to discover bank equipment damage in time will cause a bad experience to customers.


Changsha Bank uses scientific management methods to accurately, truthfully and effectively assess the work of patrol personnel. This move by Changsha Bank not only implements the management of inspectors, but also provides protection for the personal safety of depositors. Only by allowing the inspectors to move, safety is truly free from hidden dangers, managers can sit securely and sleep soundly, and people can be more assuraed of their property savings. JWM guard tour system has always provided strong security protection for Changsha Bank. 


Project Introduction:

There are 205 off-line self-service banking outlets in the urban area of Changsha, all of which are installed with patrol points (including community banks, self-service banking, through-wall ATM machines, silver pavilion ATM machines, lobby ATMs, one-stop shopping and other self-service equipment) In order to facilitate the patrol of the patrol center, all outlets are divided in the form of districts and lines. There are three patrol teams, each with two people, patrols 205 self-service banks in districts and branches, and patrols twice a week. Since May 2015, patrols have been carried out in accordance with the corresponding divisional lines of the patrol team, and the urban outlets will be rotated every quarter.

Solve Problems:

1. Put an end to the scientific and accurate assessment and management of security patrol personnel, effectively supervise the daily patrol work of security personnel, and implement the management of patrol personnel. 

2. The patrol of security personnel can reduce various uncivilized phenomena in the service. 

3. Effectively handle various emergencies, greatly improving work efficiency. 

4. The patrol of important places reduces the incidence of crime and reduces property losses. 

5. Timely discover whether the ATM machine is malfunctioning and improve the overall service standards of the bank.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S