Guard Tour System - Changchun Water Culture Ecological Park

Location:Changchun Water Culture Ecological Park

Project Necessity:

1. The patrol is not in place, and the person responsible cannot be found if there is a problem. 

2. Patrolmen are lazy and find someone to patrol on their behalf. The safety of the ecological park cannot be guaranteed. 

3. The manager left the factory and was unable to view the patrol report uploaded by the patrol in time.


Changchun Water Culture Ecological Park is one of the few parks in China with the theme of “water culture”. Through historical archives, precious pictures, rich images and other forms, it displays the development of Changchun’s water supply industry for more than 100 years.Changchun Water Culture Ecological Park uses the JWM guard patrol system to protect the exhibits in the park, which provides a strong guarantee for the park. 


Project Introduction:

First, it is necessary to install checkpoints on the route of the ecological park and the locations that need to be patrolled, and then arrange the patrol personnel of each patrol route or time period to enter the fingerprints into the X1 fingerprint guard patrol system reader, and finally use the electronic guard patrol system to note the names of each point. Individual personnel and fingerprints, patrol time or period are entered into the system. The electronic guard patrol system will automatically make the uploaded data into a patrol plan. Patrol personnel only need to patrol in accordance with the patrol plan. When they arrive at each location, they need to verify their fingerprints to read the card. After the patrol, the patrol staff connect the guard tour patrol system reader to the computer through a data cable, and then upload the data to the electronic guard patrol system. The system will automatically sort the data and make a patrol report for the manager to view. The patrol report records the data The information is accurate and clear and cannot be faked.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation where the patrol was not in place and the person responsible could not be found due to problems. 

2. Solved the situation where patrolmen were lazy and found someone to patrol on their behalf. 

3. Solved the situation that the manager could not check the patrol report uploaded by the patrol in time when he left the factory area.

Product Introduction: