Guard Tour System – Changchun Liuying Experimental School

Location:Changchun Liuying Experimental School

Changchun Liuying Experimental School

Project Necessity:

1. The management personnel cannot know whether the guards are patrolling in accordance with the requirements and cannot conduct real-time assessments. 

2. There is no guarantee that the corridors and passages in the teaching office building are unblocked at all times. 

3. In order to ensure the safety of students, it is necessary to strictly control the entry of strangers into the school at all times.


Changchun Liuying Experimental School is the Kuancheng District Government to meet the needs of nearby residents’ children to enroll nearby and receive high-quality education at home. It covers an area of 17,000 meters and has more than 2,000 students. In order to maintain the order and stability of the campus and protect the lives and property of teachers and students, Liuying Experimental School decided to adopt the perfect campus security patrol system managed by the JWM guard tour patrol APP, and take school safety as an important daily work. 

Changchun Liuying Experimental School Patrol

Project Introduction:

First, install QR code checkpoints (GPS coordinates, NFC patrol low, 2.4G Bluetooth card and other four patrol methods) on routes or key locations such as teaching buildings and playgrounds according to the actual patrol needs of the campus, and use the guard tour patrol management APP software Correspond to the code of the QR code checkpoint and set it to “name of actual installation site”. Combine the actual patrol management requirements and set the corresponding patrol time (patrol plan) through the guard tour patrol system software. Then distribute the mobile phone to the guards. The guards use the mobile phone to reach the designated checkpoint, scan the QR code checkpoint with the mobile phone APP, the mobile phone APP will automatically record the name of the place and the time of arrival, and upload it in real time via the 4G network patrol information, videos, photos. The patrol reports are counted in days, months, and years, providing managers with a scientific and effective evaluation basis.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation that the patrol situation of the guards could not be effectively assessed. 

2. It solves the situation that the corridors and safe passages in the teaching building cannot be guaranteed to be smooth and tidy at all times. 

3. Solved the situation that strangers could not be found when entering the campus.

Product Introduction:

Model: Wepatrol