Guard Tour System – Changchun City Education Bureau of Erdao District

Location:Changchun City Education Bureau of Erdao District


Project Necessity:

1. The surrounding environment and personnel of the campus are complicated, especially during weekends or holidays, a large number of students, parents and vehicles are jammed at the school gate. If there is no security personnel to patrol, the phenomenon of random parking in front of the school is also very serious, which seriously affects students The normal access.
2. Some areas of the school are not equipped with an electronic monitoring system, and there is a problem of monitoring blind spots. There may be criminals who blatantly go to the campus to provoke trouble, steal and rob property, fight, etc. It directly endangers the personal and property safety of teachers, students and school employees, and seriously affects the stability of the campus.
3. There are no safety fences in some parts of the school, lack of basic facilities to ensure the safety of students, and there are also problems of aging and damage of wires, which have not been repaired in time, forming a safety hazard.


The main purpose is to assess the safety patrols of the 25 schools in Erdao District. The patrol is only part of the overall project. There are also two systems for GPS positioning of school buses and monitoring of schools.
JWM guard tour patrol system for Changchun City Education Bureau of Erdao District to provide a strong security support, to ensure the safety of personnel.


Project Introduction:

Use 50 sets of WM-5000V3 guard tour patrol system reader, 1,250 checkpoints, and 1 set of BS version network guard tour patrol system software. A total of 25 schools, 2 sets of guard tour patrol system reader and 50 checkpoints in each school, patrol every two hours, and upload data once a week to the Education Bureau to assess the patrol situation.
Scientifically and effectively improve the safety patrol work of each school, and better guarantee the safety and order of the campus.

Solve Problems:

1. The combination of technology and personnel solves the problem of lax supervision in the traditional patrol mode.
2. Reduce various uncivilized phenomena on campus.
3. Effectively assist relevant departments to deal with various student emergencies, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V5