Guard Tour System – Caofeidian Water Supply Project

Location: Caofeidian Water Supply Project

Project Necessity:

The traditional electronic patrol system is mostly offline. The patrol information will be uploaded to the manager in the form of report only after the work is completed or several working days. At the same time, it is impossible to display the patrol trajectory on the electronic map and report the content of the patrol in real time. Such a patrol form has a big disadvantage, that is, the lag of information. Patrol information cannot be uploaded to the management center in real time, which will cause emergency incidents to not be dealt with in a timely manner.


The Caofeidian Water Supply Project has 2 water purification plants, 1 water storage tank with a storage capacity of 940,000 cubic meters, and a distribution network of more than 200 kilometers. In order to guarantee the stable water supply and power generation of the water supply plant, ensure the safe production of workers and the stable operation of the machine, Caofeidian Water Supply Project introduced the JWM intelligent GPS guard tour system to provide a strong security system for the water plant.

Project Introduction:

Patrol personnel carry out outdoor patrols with GPS guard tour system patrol reader. The guard tour system reader receive GPS satellite information in real time, upload latitude, longitude, and time information to the management center at preset time intervals. The patrol personnel’s actions can be seen in real time on the electronic map of the management center. The track, when patrolling indoors, the guard tour system reader reads the pre-installed indoor sensing point, and uploads the card number and arrival time of the point to the management. The color change of the point can be seen on the schematic diagram of the guard tour system software. Through scientific and effective technical means, promote the scientific management of safety, strengthen the effective supervision of operators, increase the patrol and inspection efforts, eliminate hidden dangers in time, and effectively prevent the occurrence of unsafe accidents

Solve Problems:

1. Through GPS patrol, you can effectively reach the designated inspector and reach the designated location within the prescribed time according to the prescribed route.
2. In addition to the real-time transmission function, the guard tour system reader also has a one-key alarm function, which can report, handle and track emergency accidents and hidden safety hazards in a timely manner to avoid increased harm.
3. The patrol track and the patrol data are all uploaded, and the track playback and data query are provided.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000P6