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Project Necessity

Safety is the premise of production and the foundation of all work. Ignore safety hidden trouble, will bring huge economic loss to the enterprise certainly. Patrol enterprise general factory is a way of screening of potential safety hazard, however patrol in traditional way already can not satisfy the safe production of the factory standards, more and more people with their own experience to counterfeiting of patrol records, patrol of lazy, destroy the check-in tools, etc., let the management difficulty increase at the same time, also let production equipment there is great potential safety hazard.


BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. introduced the JWM Guard Tour Management System in order to further strengthen in-plant safety work, which is mainly used to manage daily production safety and supervise various work safety. It solves the difficult problem of security guards’ management and ensures fire control, water and electricity facilities, environment sanitation and public security safety. Regular patrol and maintenance, greatly improve the management and plant safety level, for the safety of the entire production system laid the foundation.

Project Introduction

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., founded in April 1993, is a provider of Internet of things technology, products and services. Core businesses include display devices, smart systems, and health services. Products are widely used in mobile phones, tablets, monitors, televisions, vehicle equipment, and other fields. In 2016, it has become the world’s second-largest innovative company in the semiconductor field. Up to the fourth quarter of 2016, BOE’s global market share continued to increase.

Solve Problems

1. The security management department shall place the patrol site at the location of the patrol site and formulate the patrol plan and the security guards. It realizes unified management and quantitative assessment of security guards, avoids time waste and data fraud caused by manual data sorting, and improves security guards’ sense of safety responsibility.
2. Ensure that security guards patrol key hazard sources, production equipment, and the site as required, judge the operation status of production equipment and the environment according to the observation parameters, keep the equipment in the optimal operation status all the time, and deal with abnormal conditions and report them to avoid safety accidents.
3. Ensure that patrol regularly check the fire control equipment, take photos and record the problems found during the patrol, and ask responsible departments to rectify. Ensure all fire-fighting equipment is in good working condition.

Product Introduction

3G RFID GPS Guard Tour System with Voice Call