Guard Tour System – Beijing Yansha Outlets Shopping Center

Location: Beijing Yansha Outlets Shopping Center

Project Necessity

With the development and progress of the society, the requirements for safety management in shopping malls are becoming more and more standardized. According to statistics, the proportion of safety accidents caused by irregular behaviors, such as negligence and numbness, is more than 80%. Therefore, effective supervision and management of store security is undoubtedly a powerful measure to eliminate various safety hazards.

Project Introduction

Beijing Yansha Outlets Shopping Center introduces the JWM guard tour management system of Mall. Through the setting of the guard tour system software, the management personnel can safely meet security personnel, patrol time, patrol must-see locations and security patrols. Records such as problems are processed in a unified manner, so that the patrol information can be seen at a glance. It not only facilitates the management personnel to effectively manage the security patrol work, but also realizes the scientific management of the personnel, commodities and various equipments of the shopping malls, reduces the safety hazards and prevents accidents.

Solve Problems

1. According to the application of the guard tour system of the shopping mall, the work status of security guards and neglects is effectively solved. The high-tech means to supervise the security on time patrols not only eliminates the situation of missed patrols and wrong patrols, but also realizes the scientific management of the security of the shopping malls.
2. According to the plan, the patrol of the mall stores can find problems and hidden dangers in time. In case of unexpected events, the on-site management can be carried out in time to maintain the business order of the mall.
3. It replaces the traditional manual sign-on form, adopts the RFID card technology, does not need to touch and destroy, and protects the card better, without the need for full-time personnel maintenance, reducing the use cost.
4. The unified management of patrol data through the background guard tour system software not only reduces labor costs but also eliminates data fraud, providing managers with a scientific and accurate patrol information and query basis.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S