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Project Necessity

1. The traditional attendance mode is not scientific, and often occurs the situation of missing, wrong, or even not.
2. Area fire facilities patrol is not in place, often lead to fire equipment is bad or overdue detection.
3. Property management departments can not be unified, work summary is difficult.


In order to better service for the owners, in multiple areas for development and expansion, with great concentration to create its own brand, and constantly improve the management level of enterprises, win the trust of customers, won the sustained steady development of the enterprise, become a rigorous, operating management and sustainable development, the harmonious happy realty service enterprises, Sanxing Meijie Property Management Co., LTD the introduction JWM phone APP guard tour management system, to the quality of environment and safety of the trinity management system, implementation of the process of providing various services of all-round monitoring, circulating operation, continuous improvement.

Project Introduction

According to the actual situation of the community, the property management will install qr code checkpoints in the key patrol locations and arrange security personnel to patrol. The patrol time and location of qr code will be recorded into the mobile phone patrol management cloud platform, and the system will automatically arrange the patrol plan.
When security personnel patrol, they use the patrol APP installed on smart phones to scan the qr code checkpoints, deal with problems in a timely manner, and report to the management center (in the form of text, voice, photo and video) through the APP. The mobile phone guard tour patrol system can organize the patrol data of security guards into a patrol report. The patrol report records the time when security personnel arrive at each qr code location and the problems reported. The abnormal data such as missing patrol will be specially marked to make the patrol situation clear at a glance, accurate and clear.

Solve Problems

1. It solves the problem that the traditional attendance management mode is not perfect and it is easy to miss the patrol.
2. Solved the fire equipment for a long time to forget the patrol, resulting in equipment expired or damage, security is not guaranteed.
3. The solution of the property departments are difficult to achieve unified management of the situation.

Product Introduction

Model: Wepatrol