Guard Tour System - Beijing No.50 Middle School

Location: Beijing No.50 Middle School


Project Necessity:

1. The manager cannot know whether the security personnel are patrolling in accordance with the regulations, whether there are any missing or wrong patrols, and the safety of teachers and students cannot be guaranteed. 

2. During the morning and evening peak hours, there is a large flow of people at the school gate, which is prone to danger, and whether the security personnel will patrol on time in the morning and evening hours cannot be guaranteed. 

3. Security guards do not patrol during student breaks such as the end of get out of class and school, and incidents of campus violence cannot be stopped and controlled in time.


Beijing No. 50 Middle School is an exemplary general high school. The school was founded in 1953. In the process of continuous implementation of quality education, it pays more attention to the personal safety of students and teachers, as well as the stability and harmony of the campus. In order to ensure the safety of teachers and students on campus, the Beijing No. 50 Middle School introduced the JWM Security Guard Tour Patrol Management System as an assessment tool for security patrols. 


Project Introduction:

First, install checkpoints on each patrol position of the campus route, and set the ID number of the checkpoints to “the actual installation site name” through the electronic guard tour patrol system, and combine the actual patrol management requirements to set the corresponding patrol time through the guard tour patrol system software (patrol plan). Then the online guard tour patrol system reader will be issued to the security personnel. The security personnel will reach the designated checkpoints with the guard tour patrol system reader, and use the guard tour patrol system reader to sense the checkpoints. The guard tour patrol system reader will automatically record the name of the place and the time of arrival. Upload patrol information to the management center via GPRS/3G. The management center can view the security personnel’s patrol status and alarm data in real time through the electronic map. The patrol report is counted in days, months, and years, providing managers with a scientific and effective evaluation basis.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the situation that the manager cannot know whether the security personnel missed or not patrolled. 

2. Solve the problem that managers cannot view the patrol status of security personnel in real time. 

3. Solved the situation where students were left unattended during breaks. 

4. Solved the situation that the students were left unattended when going to school and after school, and their safety was not guaranteed.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000L5