Guard Tour System - Beijing Jindi Green Property Management Co., LTD Huangdao Branch

Location: Beijing Jindi Green Property Management Co., LTD Huangdao Branch

Project Necessity

  • 1. Due to the huge management area, security personnel need to patrol many locations for many times. Push-button design is easy to shorten the product life.
  • 2. Due to their passive and lazy work, security personnel often miss or even do not patrol, resulting in hidden trouble.
  • 3. The security personnel patrol in many places and encounter many problems every day. It takes too long to record the patrol and the paper records are not detailed.
  • 4. The fire-fighting facilities in Property not inspected regularly, which leads to the expired or damaged fire-fighting equipment and the facilities that fail to timely solve the danger.


Beijing Jindi Green Property Management Co., LTD Huangdao Branch office address is located in the brand, the world the city of Qingdao beer, on August 25, 2015, was registered in Qingdao h、Huangdao district administration for industry and commerce, the company main business for the superior company contact business. Since its establishment, the company more perfect security management, the staff to work more at ease. JWM guard tour patrol system for Huangdao Branch to provide a strong security support, to ensure the safe of personnel and equipment.

Project Introduction

The manager first installs checkpoints at the locations where patrols are needed according to the actual situation of the Property, then arranges patrol personnel, sets the patrol time and cycle, and records the information into the intelligent guard patrol system. The system will sort out all the information and make patrol plans. Security guards patrol, patrol hand-held guard tour patrol system reader according to the plan, position on time to read the card and check if there is a potential safety hazard around, after will be patrolling by patrolling on the information and transmit it to the management side, the management center can receive real-time security guards patrol schedule, after the security guards patrol, the system automatically sorting data, made from patrol report for managers to view, report will show the actual situation of the security personnel patrol.

Solve Problems

  • 1. Solve the phenomenon of security guard laziness, missing and wrong patrol, greatly reduce the security risks caused by security personnel’s negative work.
  • 2. Intelligent patrol system makes security personnel patrol scientifically, efficiently and practically.
  • 3. Solved the contradiction caused by unequal patrols among security guards.
  • 4. Effective security inspection in key areas.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S