Guard Tour System – Beijing Jiacheng Plaza

Location: Beijing Jiacheng Plaza

Project Necessity

1. Traffic flow and logistics are rampant in major commercial pedestrian streets in cities. The scale of various activities is getting larger and larger, crowds are becoming more and more crowded, and the risk of safety accidents is also increasing, which makes the management of emergencies more difficult.
2. A large number of goods and commodities are piled up, which is also a fire-prone area. Many commodity storehouses are located in basement. The problems of leakage of various pipelines and aging of wires are not easy to detect. There are hidden dangers such as immersion of goods and fire.


Jiacheng Plaza is close to the East Third Ring Road with convenient transportation. It is composed of two first-class office buildings, skirt building supporting commerce and large underground parking garage. It is the inspiration representative work of the international top architect company, P&TGROUP. The exterior wall is composed of high-grade reflective glass curtain wall with aluminium plate and stone material, which shows the modern sense of architecture, draws inspiration from ancient Chinese architectural aesthetics, and creates the unique character of integration of China and the West.

Project Introduction

The management of Jiacheng Plaza arranges for patrol personnel to use four guard tour system reader (WM-5000V4) and 204 checkpoints (WM-30A/EM). The external guard is responsible for 40 checkpoints, patrolling every 2 hours; the internal guard is responsible for 164 checkpoints, patrolling every 4 hours. The management of Jiacheng Plaza is very strict. After each patrol, they immediately return to the management center to upload data, print reports and submit them to the leadership

Solve Problems

1. The application of guard tour patrol management system solves the problem of patrol missing and non-patrol of patrol personnel.
2. Customers used patrol systems of other brands before. The data screening workload of patrol sequence errors is very large. After using our system, there is no need for manual screening, so it is clear whether the security guards patrol in the prescribed order.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S