Guard Tour System - Beijing Information Science and Technology University

Location:Beijing Information Science and Technology University


Project Necessity:

1. The school has a strict dormitory door opening and closing system and daily dormitory checking system. The administrator cannot guarantee that the personnel in charge of the dormitory can implement the system on time. 

2. Although traditional patrol equipment can guarantee the assessment system through the card reading assessment, it is impossible to judge whether it is operated by the person, which affects the quality of patrol. 

3. The dormitory needs to regularly check whether the students have illegal electrical appliances and whether the fire-fighting facilities can be used normally, but the administrator cannot know whether the executor has completed it.


Beijing Information Science and Technology University, with a history of running back to the 1930s, is a university with a relatively complete set of information disciplines supported by Beijing. For a long time, Beijing Information Technology University has adopted the intelligent guard patrol system of JWM High-tech Development Co., Ltd. to ensure the safety of teachers and students, strengthen campus patrols, and prevent safety accidents.

Project Introduction:

The administrator installs checkpoints according to the dormitory guard tour patrol system and key patrol locations, and enters the fingerprints of the patrol personnel responsible for checking the bed into the fingerprint guard tour patrol system reader, and then connects the computer guard tour management software through the data cable to upload the data in the guard tour patrol system reader. Then set the patrol time and period in the system, and arrange patrol personnel. The cloud guard tour patrol system will automatically make a patrol plan based on the uploaded data. When patrolling, you need to hold the guard tour patrol system reader to read the card in various locations on time according to the patrol plan. The fingerprint must be recognized before the card is read. The card can be successfully read after the fingerprint is successfully recognized. After the patrol is completed, the patrol staff will upload the data in the guard tour system reader to the cloud guard tour patrol system, and the system will automatically organize the patrol report. After the patrol report is completed, it can be sent to the mobile phone or computer with the cloud guard tour patrol software installed in real time. Realize the real-time nature of information, which is convenient for managers to inspect.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation that the dormitory door opening and closing, bed checking and other events could not be accurately assessed. 

2. Solved the situation where the residential staff responsible for patrolling found someone to patrol on their behalf and the inspection was not in place. 

3. Solved the situation that some locations need to be checked regularly and cannot be prompted. 

4. Solved the situation that the manager could not receive the patrol report in the first time.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000X1