Guard Tour System - Beijing Dingshi School

Location:Beijing Dingshi School


Project Necessity:

1. Security personnel do not patrol on time, and hidden dangers cannot be discovered and dealt with in time. 

2. Security guards often forget to check the fire-fighting facilities throughout the campus, and the facilities are out of date or damaged and cannot be known in time. 

3. The security guards work passively and often find someone to patrol and read the card on their behalf, and campus safety cannot be guaranteed.


In order to thoroughly implement the superiors’ proposal of maintaining social stability and creating a safe and harmonious campus, Beijing Dingshi School adopted the JWM electronic guard tour patrol system to strengthen the comprehensive management of public security on the campus and surrounding areas, and ensure the safety of teachers and students’ lives and property, physical and mental health, and school teaching work in an orderly manner, strengthen safety education and management. 


Project Introduction:

First, install checkpoints at various locations on the campus, and set the ID numbers of the checkpoints to “name of actual installation site” through the electronic guard tour patrol system. Combining the actual patrol time requirements, set the corresponding patrol plan through the guard tour system software. Then distribute guard tour patrol system reader to the security personnel. The security personnel hold the guard tour patrol system reader to reach the designated checkpoint, and use the guard tour patrol system reader to sense the checkpoint. The guard tour patrol system reader will automatically record the name and location of the place. At the time of arrival, after the patrol is over, the patrol data in the guard tour patrol system reader will be uploaded to the management center through the USB data cable. The patrol report forms statistics by day, month, and year, providing managers with a scientific and effective assessment basis.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the problem that managers cannot know whether security personnel are lazy. 

2. Solved the situation that the leakage of water and electricity on the campus could not be known in time. 

3. Solved the problem of suspicious personnel entering the campus, and security personnel could not discover the hidden dangers in time. 

4. The IP67 protection level of the guard tour patrol system reader solves the redundant economic costs caused by frequent damage to the equipment.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000X1