Guard Tour System - Beijing Daxing District Fourth Kindergarten

Location:Beijing Daxing District Fourth Kindergarten


Project Necessity:

1. Whether the guards patrol as required cannot be assessed. 

2. There is no guarantee that the safe passages, corridors and other locations will be unimpeded at any time. 

3. In order to ensure the safety of children, it is necessary to strictly control the entry of strangers into the kindergarten.


In recent years, kindergarten injury cases have become more frequent. We should pay more attention to the safety of the kindergarten while condemning it. The fourth kindergarten in Daxing District, Beijing has already realized the seriousness of the matter, and they adopted the JWM guard tour patrol system to ensure safety inside and outside the kindergarten.


Project Introduction:

Kindergarten managers install checkpoints according to all the venues of the kindergarten and key locations that need to be patrolled, record the patrol locations in the guard tour patrol system software, record the patrol personnel, and formulate the patrol time, route, and patrol frequency. As there have been many cases of injury in kindergartens in recent years, management personnel can increase the frequency of security guards’ patrols. The security personnel will patrol according to the patrol plan. During the patrol, every time they arrive at a checkpoint, the smart guard tour patrol system will record the information of the patrol personnel and the patrol time, which will ensure the attendance rate of the security personnel , To minimize safety hazards.

Solve Problems:

1. Develop patrol personnel, time, tasks, and patrol plans, and quantify the work of guards to avoid leaving or leaving their posts. 

2. Through the guard tour patrol reader, the guards can ensure that they regularly patrol the teaching buildings, playgrounds, corridors, amusement facilities and various monitoring blind spots on a regular basis, reducing safety accidents caused by safety hazards. 

3. For special places such as fire extinguishers and safe passages, it is necessary to intensify inspections. The number of card readings can be used to assess the arrival rate of guards to avoid disasters. 

4. To ensure the quality of patrols, you can understand and discover problems in time, deal with situations in time, and ensure the safety of children. 

5. The analysis and processing of the patrol information through the background guard tour system software provides useful information for the security work, formulates corresponding strategies, solves the problem in the bud and takes precautions.

Product Introduction: