Guard Tour System – Beijing Benz 4S Store

Location: Beijing Benz 4S Store

Project Necessity

1. Beautiful environment and good safe production conditions are the lifeblood of 4S stores, and are the primary conditions for all work. Therefore, managers must pay attention to the safety environment of employees, customers, stores and surroundings at any time. Only by ensuring work safety can accidents be avoided and a good environment be guaranteed to ensure the better operation of 4S stores.
2.4s the security in the store not only bears the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the personnel, vehicles and property in the store, but also is an important part of the store image. Therefore, it is very important to establish a good security personnel working system.


Beijing Jinguan Benz was founded in 1991. In 1994, it officially signed a contract to become a special maintenance service center authorized by Mercedes-Benz (China) and was the earliest batch of authorized distributors of Mercedes-Benz. For 28 years, we have always followed the service concept of “service has only a starting point, satisfaction has no ending point”, and committed to providing Mercedes-Benz standard “Xing Hui” service for every customer, Jinguan company cooperates with JWM company to ensure customers’ experience and safety in all aspects, and let customers fully experience the unlimited honor of owning Mercedes-Benz.

Project Introduction

Beijing Jinguan Automobile Service Co., Ltd introduced JWM guard tour system to regulate the security work and ensure the safety in the store. The management personnel set up the patrol plan through the guard tour software system, install the checkpoints and arrange the patrol personnel. Patrol security guards hold Vanguard 4S Guard Tour System Reader and patrol according to the prescribed plan. During the daytime, the security guard checks the Vehicle Condition of 4S front flat and parking space according to the plan, checks the surrounding environment of 4S point, ensures the order in the exhibition hall, and checks the doorway, fire fighting equipment and safe passage. From pm 7:00 to am 19:00, the security personnel will make a patrol every two hours to check the water, electricity, doors and windows, check the monitoring, patrol the surroundings of the store, and be alert to suspicious situations. Punch in at the fixed point. After the patrol work is completed, upload the data in the guard tour system reader to the computer of the management department through the data cable. The manager can check the patrol data at any time and automatically generate a form, patrol data at a glance.

Solve Problems

1. In the past, the security patrol adopted the form of sign-in, which could sign more than one name at a time, which could not guarantee that the security personnel would patrol according to the plan. After the JWM guard tour system was adopted, the patrol record could not be changed, supervise and urge the security personnel to complete the patrol task as planned.
2. The Vanguard 4s has the function of bright flashlight, which is very suitable for users who have night patrol tasks. The Patrol personnel do not need to wear another flashlight, which is convenient for patrol work.
3. Anti-fall, waterproof, dustproof, strong and durable, reduce repair, avoid increasing use fees and affecting security patrol work.
4. Automatically generate patrol forms, which greatly facilitates the attendance.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S