Guard Tour System - Baoding Boao School

Location:Baoding Boao School


Project Necessity:

1. Management personnel cannot accurately supervise security personnel, and it is impossible to know whether they are patrolling. 

2. The school has a large area and a large number of personnel, and security personnel cannot effectively and timely patrol various locations. 

3. Managers cannot summarize patrol data, and cannot easily query data and analyze patrol conditions.


Baoding Boao School was founded in 2004. The school now covers an area of 160 acres and a building area of 45,000 square meters. There are computer room, language room, book reading room, information control center, etc. It is a modern school. In order to ensure the safety of teachers and students on campus, the Baoding Boao School introduced the JWM Security Guard Tour Patrol Management System as an assessment tool for security patrols.

Project Introduction:

Boao School has adopted the JWM guard tour patrol system and formulated detailed plans for every corner of the school. Due to the large campus area, administrators use guard tour patrol system software to set campus patrol routes, time and personnel, and can adjust them at any time according to the actual situation. All campus patrol data are uploaded to the supervisory computer and displayed clearly in the form of tables to facilitate statistics and management.

Solve Problems:

1. Checkpoints are installed in each teaching building, and security guards will patrol and check in according to the plan and prescribed routes, check the safety of electricity and doors and windows in each classroom, and check the water safety of toilets and water rooms. 

2. In key locations such as fire-fighting equipment and safety passages, the checkpoint is set up to increase the density of campus patrols to ensure that fire-fighting equipment is readily available and safe passages are always unimpeded. 

3. Install checkpoints in playgrounds and other locations, arrange for security personnel to patrol on time, stop them in time when encountering student conflicts, and inquire and verify suspected outsiders. 

4. Set up a patrol plan to increase patrols at the entrance of the campus to prevent students from leaving the campus during school hours for no reason, and prevent parents and unrelated persons outside the school from entering the campus for no reason. 

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V5