Guard tour system Application – Yunnan Yuxi Cigarette Factory

Location: Yunnan Yuxi Cigarette Factory

Project Necessity

Safety is the cornerstone of the development of the enterprise. In order to ensure the safe growth of the cigarette factory and seek continuous development, Yunnan Yuxi Cigarette Factory has purchased JWM guard tour patrol management system as an auxiliary means of the patrol of the production line. The traditional patrol method of Yuxi Cigarette Factory is that the management personnel arrange work for the patrol personnel. The patrol personnel go to the site and record the patrol results into paper forms. After completing the patrol task, the form is handed in. However, such patrol method cannot play an effective role in assessment, and patrol personnel can make up and sign on behalf of others, especially in the night and holidays when there are omissions in safety management. In order to completely eliminate the above phenomenon, Yuxi Cigarette Factory introduced the JWM guard tour patrol management system, as the basis of the patrol personnel assessment work.


Yunnan Yuxi Cigarette Factory was founded in 1956. Within 20 years after the third plenary session of the 11th central committee of the CPC, it has grown from a small factory that is not well-known to the first in Asia and the largest modern tobacco enterprise in the world. Business for more than six decades, Yunnan Yuxi Cigarette Factories made great achievements, have “Yuxi”, “Hongta”, “Red Berries” three cigarette brands are “Chinese famous brand” and “China well-known trademark” product, Hongta group was awarded the “May 1 labor certificate”, “golden horse award of national excellent enterprise”, “national civilized unit”, “China industry pioneer enterprise” “the wealth of China’s most influential enterprises” and other honorary title, known as “China’s national industry banner. And the JWM guard tour patrol system for Yunnan Yuxi Cigarette Factory to provide a strong security support, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Project Introduction

Yunnan Yuxi Cigarette Factory adopts JWM guard tour patrol management system to ensure the safety of the factory. The management personnel installed checkpoints on the patrol line, arrange shift for guards through the guard tour patrol management system, and the patrol personnel will carry out the patrol with guard tour system reader. When in place, punch in with the guard tour system reader and the checkpoint. In this way, it is clear whether there is any missing patrol. The site situation is recorded by the time selection function of the guard tour system reader and uploaded to the background computer directly through the data card. The management personnel can use the background guard tour system software combined with the historical patrol record to automatically analyze and make statistics, generate various reports and provide auxiliary decision-making for the follow-up management.

Solve Problems

  1. Strengthen the internal control mechanism to avoid the lack of management.
  2. Transfer control to technology control, and patrol process system monitoring to avoid the influence of human factors on the results.
  3. Standardize patrol activities, timely find defects and errors, and reduce risks.
  4. Convenient data retrieval and report statistics function to improve work efficiency. The historical patrol data can be recorded in the database.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V5