Guard Tour System Application Case – Daqo Group Co., Ltd

Location: Daqo Group Co., Ltd

Project Necessity:

1. The security guards in place during the routine factory patrol and the recorded data cannot be fully verified.
2. The paper version of patrol check-in and record information is inconvenient to save, easy to damage, and time-consuming.
3. Ordinary guard tour system patrol reader is easy to be broken if it falls to the ground accidentally during patrol.


Daqo Group has always been advocating the “pursuit of perfection, impeccable” quality concept, these concepts, not only for the group’s products, but also to implement the safety and security of the factory. In order to ensure that the daily patrol situation of factory patrol personnel does not appear loopholes, Daqo Group Co., Ltd introduced the JWM electronic guard tour patrol system, so that the safety quality of the factory is truly impeccable.

Project Introduction:

First of all, according to the actual situation of the group, checkpoints should be installed at the locations where key patrols are needed. At the same time, the guard tour patrol system reader should be read by each other, the position names of each point should be noted in the electronic patrol system, and the information of patrol personnel and patrol time should be input into the electronic guard tour patrol system to make the patrol plan.
When patrolling, patrol officers only need to hold guard tour patrol reader to read cards at each checkpoint, deal with problems in time, and upload the data of guard tour system reader to the computer through the data line after patrolling. The electronic guard tour patrol system will be automatically mapped into patrol tables for managers to view. Patrol forms record the time of arrival of security personnel at various points, and situations such as missing patrol will be marked. Patrol results are clear and accurate.

Solve Problems:

1. The management detects the presence of security patrols through the electronic guard tour patrol system to ensure the authenticity of their data records.
2. Electronic information-based patrol records make it easier to save and view.
3. The quality problems such as falling and breaking of patrol rod are solved.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S