Guard Tour System - Anyang County Forestry Bureau

Location:Anyang County Forestry Bureau


Project Necessity:

1. In winter, the climate is dry, and weeds in the forest are easy to catch fire. Once the rangers do not patrol in time, more serious fires may occur, and the safety of the forest cannot be guaranteed. 

2. Forest patrol locations are desolate, and ordinary guard tour patrol system reader cannot be installed at checkpoints, and patrol locations cannot be unified, and many key locations cannot be patrolled. 

3. Traditional paper patrol reports are easy to be faked, and it is impossible to know whether the patrol is or not, and it is impossible to accurately and scientifically evaluate the work of forest rangers.


The Forestry Bureau of Anyang County mainly provides seed collection, seedling cultivation, afforestation, and forest tending. In November 18th, the Forestry Bureau of Anyang County was responsible for the planning and management of forestry in the entire region, and decided to use JWM GPS guard tour system to supervise the forestry patrol work. Check the system and carry out intelligent, scientific and rigorous assessments to ensure the safety of forestry resources. 


Project Introduction:

When patrolling, patrol personnel need to hold a guard tour system reader to patrol at various locations according to the patrol plan and patrol track. When the patrol personnel arrive at the coordinate point, the guard tour system reader will give a prompt and the patrol information can be uploaded in real time. When an accident occurs, the guard tour system reader can automatically With the alarm function to send an alarm signal to the management center. The system can automatically draw patrol information and midway alarm signals into patrol reports for managers to view. The manager can also check the patrol track of the patrol personnel through the track playback function to avoid the patrol personnel being lazy.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the problem that the patrolmen did not patrol in time, and the hidden fire hazard was not discovered and controlled in the first time, which caused the spread of fire danger and caused economic and property losses and even casualties. 

2. Solve the shortcomings of traditional guard tour system reader that must use checkpoints for fixed-point assessment. 

3. Solved the problem that paper patrol reports are easy to be falsified and fail to reach the purpose of assessment. 

4. The design of patrol trajectory playback solves the problem that patrol personnel are familiar with the terrain and take short cuts to be lazy, and no patrol is in place. 

Product Introduction: