Guard Tour System – Anhui Jincheng Composite Material Co., LTD

Location: Anhui Jincheng Composite Material Co., LTD

Project Necessity

In order to further strengthen the work of factory safety, Anhui Jincheng Composite Materials Co., LTD has set up the safety management department, which is mainly responsible for the daily work safety management of the company and supervision of the work safety. The safety management department is equipped with safety guards to ensure safety and efficiency through management and strictly control and reduce the occurrence of all kinds of accidents. However, the traditional patrol check-in method can no longer meet the safety standards of the factory. All kinds of illegal operations and abnormal equipment are unmanaged, which have caused great potential safety risks to the safety of the factory.


Anhui Jincheng Composite Material Co., LTD founded in 1995, is a national high-tech enterprise. The company is a unit of Anhui development and research center of China composite materials association, specializing in the research and development of composite materials and the production and manufacture of multi-functional modified vehicles.

Project Introduction

Anhui Jincheng Composite Material Co., LTD introduced JWM guard tour management system, and the security management department placed checkpoints on the patrol positions and formulated patrol plans and patrol personnel. Solve the problem of difficult management of guards, and ensure the regular patrol and maintenance of fire protection, water and electricity facilities, environmental sanitation, public security and safety, greatly improve the management and safety level of the factory, and lay a foundation for the safety of the entire production system.

Solve Problems

1. The security management department shall place the checkpoints at the location of the patrol site and formulate the patrol plan and the patrol personnel. It realizes unified management and quantitative assessment of patrol guards, avoids time waste and data fraud caused by manual data sorting, and improves patrol guards’ sense of safety responsibility.
2. Ensure that the guard conducts a comprehensive patrol on the production site every day, which mainly includes the wearing of labor insurance products and 6S related requirements.
3. Ensure that guards inspect key hazard sources, gas equipment and production site noise as required, judge the operation of production equipment and the environment according to observation parameters, and keep the equipment in the optimal operating state. At the same time, the abnormal situation can be photographed and emergency treatment and report, to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.
4. Ensure that the guards regularly check the fire-fighting equipment, take photos and record the problems found during the patrol, and ask the responsible departments to rectify. Ensure all fire-fighting equipment is in good working condition.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000F3