Guard Tour System – All Season Hotel

Location: All Season Hotel

Project Necessity

1. With the escalation of consumption, the rise of mid-range hotels and the economic downturn, security problems frequently occur, and the occupancy rate and profitability of budget hotels generally show a downward trend.
2. Security services are again a top priority in hotel services. Only when the service personnel patrol and check at any time and place can the guest actually see and feel the safe service, instead of monitoring the scene after the occurrence of the event to resume the scene.


The JI Hotel is a mid-range hotel brand owned by Huazhu Group. Huazhu Group is the first multi-brand hotel management group in China and the top 12 hotels in the world. On March 26th, 2010, Hanting Hotels Group, the predecessor of Huazhu Group, was successfully listed on NASDAQ. With a simple and high-quality design style, the all-season hotel is well-received by the customer’s favorite hotel facilities and the right quality service. It is committed to providing the best quality choice for the elite and business travellers.

Project Introduction

The JWM hotel guard tour patrol system provides strong security service support for all seasons hotels. According to the characteristics of the hotel, JWM installs checkpoints at the main entrances, front desks, restaurants, fire exits, security gates, corridors and elevators where the hotel has a lot of traffic, such as locations, safety hazards and surveillance blind spots. Through the background guard tour system software to set up the patrol plan, the hotel staff responsible for patrol holds the Vanguard 4S Guard Tour System Reader, scans the checkpoint after the specified time to the designated position, and the guard tour system reader automatically records the location name and arrival time, so that the security can be realized. The work situation is recorded and assessed.

Solve Problems

1. According to the plan patrol, it can prevent theft, fire, safety incidents, and check whether the fire exits and facilities, elevators, corridors and other facilities of the hotel are different, with or without changes or damage.
2. According to the plan patrol, you can handle general safety, firefighting cases and customer complaints. In case of emergency, contact the hotel lobby manager in time and quickly mobilize personnel to deal with them.
3. Make patrol records available, prevent security personnel from patrolling, improve safety awareness, and achieve scientific modern management.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S