Guard Tour System - Shenyang Nanta Shoes City

Location:Shenyang Nanta Shoes City


Project Necessity:

1. There are a large number of fire sources in the shoe city, and a large number of fabric shoes accumulate in the warehouse all the year round, which is likely to cause fire hazards. 

2. There are many shops in the shoe city, and the streets are staggered and complicated. Patrol personnel are prone to laziness, not patrolling or missing patrols, causing safety hazards. 

3. Traditional paper patrol data is difficult to save, easy to falsify, and patrol information statistics are troublesome.


For shopping malls with dense crowds, fire safety has always been the concern of merchants and customers. In order to ensure the safety of personnel and property in Shoe City, Nanta Shoe City has introduced the JWM Cloud Guard Patrol Management System. Patrol personnel holding real-time guard tour patrol raeder will patrol the entire shoe city according to the location of the checkpoint to detect and prevent merchants from stacking goods at will to prevent fires. According to the plan, patrol the fire-fighting facilities and safe passages many times a day to ensure that the fire-fighting equipment is intact and easy to access, and the safe passages are unobstructed at all times to eliminate potential safety hazards.


Project Introduction:

JWM cloud patrol management system, with cloud computing, cloud storage, and big data technology as the core, relying on the Internet as a basic platform guard tour patrol management system. According to the characteristics of the shoe factory, chenckpoints should be installed at locations that need to be patrolled, hidden safety hazards, and surveillance blind spots. Patrol personnel hold guard tour system reader to the checkpoint to collect information, and the system will automatically record the exact time and name of the location where the patrol personnel go. Through GPRS/3G wireless communication, patrol information is sent to the cloud platform in real time. In addition to using a computer, the administrator can also view the patrol information of patrol personnel anytime and anywhere through mobile apps such as mobile phones and tablets or WeChat push.

Solve Problems:

1. Managers use the background guard tour patrol software to manage, formulate patrol plans, define patrol routes and patrol personnel, etc., which greatly improves patrol efficiency. 

2. Realize the review of patrol personnel and patrol routes by the management center, assess patrol work, enhance the safety protection awareness of patrolmen and achieve the purpose of centralized management. 

3. Improve the quality and intensity of patrols to achieve serious patrols, complete inspections, and timely handling of problems found, reducing potential safety hazards. 

4. Through the guard tour patrol system, analyze the patrol information, provide useful information for patrol work, formulate corresponding strategies, solve the problem in the bud, and take precautions. 

Product Introduction: