Guard Tour Patrol System Case - Pross Logistics Park

Location: Pross Logistics Park

Project Necessity

  • 1. Due to the large area of the park, there is often a security gate that is not closed and leakage patrol occurs.
  • 2. The fire-fighting facilities in the park are placed in a wide position, so they often fail to patrol. If the time is too long, they may be expired and cannot be used.
  • 3. The management personnel are often absent from the park, so it is impossible to accurately know the patrol situation of the security personnel.


Prologis is China’s largest modern industrial park providers and service providers, is also the Chinese market at the earliest start wisdom logistics and related industry ecosystem building and facilitator, Prologis and brand ring at 38 strategic areas throughout the country market investment, development and management of the 267 logistics park, industrial park and technology innovation park, property with a total area of 33 million square meters. JWM guard tour patrol system for Pross Logistics Park to provide a strong security support, to ensure the Patrol personnel safety and fire facilities intact. 

Project Introduction

Pross Logistics Park has introduced the JWM cloud guard tour patrol system. The management personnel will install the checkpoints in the locations where patrol is needed in the park, and then use the guard tour patrol system reader and checkpoints induction to input the location of the installed checkpoints into the management center. Patrol trajectory, are formed by checkpoints the location of the patrol plan, security guards and only patrol according to the plan, after the patrol, security guard tour patrol system reader with cloud patrolling software of host connection of cable, the data uploaded to the cloud guard tour patrol system, managers can install through cloud guard patrol system software of the mobile phone or computer real-time check security patrol data upload.

Solve Problems

  • 1. The complex terrain in the park is solved, and the security personnel often miss the patrol.
  • 2. Avoid the fire fighting facilities that are expired or damaged and cannot be used in case of hidden danger.
  • 3. It solves the problem that security personnel have more places to patrol every day, and it is a waste of time to write patrol reports. Through the cloud patrol system, it can be directly drawn into a form of form for the management to view.
  • 4. Solved the problem that the patrol records could not be viewed differently by many people due to the single viewing record.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S