Guard Tour Monitoring System of Jinghai Hospital

Location:Jinghai Hospital

Project Necessity

In the past two years, incidents of medical violence have occurred frequently. Doctors and nurses are violently beaten by patients or family members who have lost control of their emotions.The doctors and nurses are now have become a high-risk profession.Faced with this situation, hospitals must do a good job in public security management.


Phenomenon of medical violence occurred in the hospital hall, the corridor, the clinic, and even the ward but no one stopped. In the face of such a situation, how to carry out security management hospital.

Project Introduction

In order to strengthen site safety management and ensure the safety of all departments and buildings, Jinghai hospital introduced JWM patrol management system. Through patrolling on time, can understand the situation in time, find problems and timely processing. The system sets patrol plan according to the hospital shift and security system, and sets checkpoints in important places in the emergency comprehensive building,outpatient building and other buildings.Security guard are required to patrol the hospital 24 hours a day and patrol key locations. The system ensures the security guard to patrol on time according to the position, reduce the leakage tour and tour wrong phenomenon, has realized the scientific safety management in the hospital.

Solve Problems

The manager places patrol points and makes a patrol plan and patrol guard. Realize the unified management and quantitative assessment of patrol guards, and improve the sense of security responsibility of patrol guards;

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000X1