Guard Tour Hotel System-Qingdao Seaview Garden Hotel

Location: Qingdao Seaview Garden Hotel

Project Necessity

1. Management is a means of guaranteeing the quality of hotel services. Because the service itself is invisible, it can neither be quantified nor materialized. Only through human management and cultivating good behaviors of employees can we ensure that the services can keep up.
2. Security services are the top priority in hotel services. Only when the service personnel patrol and check at any time and place can the guest actually see and feel the safe service, instead of monitoring the scene after the occurrence of the event to resume the scene.


Qingdao Seaview Garden Hotel is a five-star hotel with European-style courtyard style. It is surrounded by the financial and business district of downtown Qingdao. It is home to the high-end commercial districts such as Hisense Plaza, Belle Plaza and Sunshine Department Store in Qingdao’s top shopping malls. Therefore, an efficient and orderly hotel management system can show the good image of the hotel, and the overall security management service that matches the hotel specifications can give the customer a comfortable living experience.

Project Introduction

JWM Guard Tour Hotel Management System aims to identify problems and eliminate security risks through patrol. The management center installs checkpoints in locations such as main entrances, vestibules, restaurants, swimming pools, parking lots, fire exits, security gates, etc. where services are required, security hazards and surveillance blind spots. Through the background guard tour system management software to set the patrol plan, the person in charge of the patrol holds guard tour system scanner , scans the checkpoints after the specified time to the specified position, and the patrol device automatically records the location name and arrival time, so that the patrol work can be realized. Record and assess management of personnel work.

Solve Problems

1. Through patrol to deal with outdated facilities, aging, damage, and other issues to reduce security risks.
2. In response to the problem that the functions of some regional facilities and equipment are not perfect and the service items are not standardized, the problems will be solved in time.
3. Improve internal management confusion, provide standardized professional services, and let guests feel the true “star” service.
4. Dispute or other urgent matters can be handled in a timely manner through a one-button emergency alarm.
5. Strict inspection plan can make the service personnel and management personnel clearly improve their mental state, and enhance the service staff’s active and enthusiastic service attitude.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5