Guard Tour Hotel System – Dongcheng Hotel Group

Location: Dongcheng Hotel Group

Project Necessity

1. Management is a means of guaranteeing the quality of hotel services. Because the service itself is invisible, it can neither be quantified nor materialized. Only through human management and cultivating good behaviors of employees can we ensure that the services can keep up.
2. Security services are the top priority in hotel services. Only when the service personnel patrol and check at any time and place can the guest actually see and feel the safe service, instead of monitoring the scene after the occurrence of the event to resume the scene.


As one of the top 50 hotel groups in the world, Dongcheng Hotel Group has introduced the concept of selective service hotel into the Chinese market as its core development strategy. Since its inception, the group has created a high cost-effective and sophisticated accommodation experience and continuously improved the quality of business travel with the enterprise values of “passion, focus, sharing” and continuous product iteration development. Under the tide of “Internet +”, Dongcheng Hotel Group presented “Cloud Hotel” concept, innovating hotel management and operation mode based on mobile Internet thinking, creating O2O marketing and service platform, becoming an advocate and industry model of “Internet + Hotel”.

Project Introduction

JWM Hotel Guard Tour System provides strong support for more than 700 chain hotels in Dongcheng. According to the characteristics of the hotel, JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd installs checkpoints in the main entrance, front desk, dining room, fire channel, safety door, corridor and elevator entrance which need to provide services, hidden safety hazards and blind areas. The patrol plan is set up by the background guard tour system software. The security guard handheld guard patrol tour reader is responsible for the patrol. The checkpoint is scanned after security guard arriving at the designated position at the designated time. The guard patrol tour reader records the name of the place and the arrival time automatically, so as to realize the record and assessment management of the security work.

Solve Problems

  • 1. To deal with the problems of old, aging and breakage of facilities and equipment through patrol, so as to reduce potential safety hazards.
  • 2. To solve the problems of imperfect functions of facilities and equipment and irregular service items in some regions in time.
  • 3. Strict patrol plan can make the mental state of service personnel and management personnel on-the-job significantly better, and enhance service personnel’s active and enthusiastic service attitude. Besides experiencing safety, they can also experience other services.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4S