Guard Patrol System – The Best Choice of Security

“Guard patrol system” technology originated from the United States, is a new technology of scientific and standardized management of patrol work. In intelligent communities, business centers, office buildings, electronic patrol equipment security system is essential, can be a good patrol personnel management and supervision, to ensure that the effective regional prevention measures.
Guard patrol system belongs to the subsystem of security system, which mainly consists of management computer, patrol reader, patrol tag, and other parts. The security area manager inspects whether the security guard arrive at the designated place in the specified time period and line, can also be used as the performance indicator of the security personnel, to prevent the patrol personnel lazy and cheating, patrolling is not in place, security loopholes.
Guard patrol system is divided into magnetic cable upload and real-time upload two kinds. The common guard patrol system consists of the patrol tag, the patrol reader, the data line, the computer and security guard management software. The patrol personnel hold the patrol reader and read it at the patrol point placed at the key patrolling position. After the patrolling, the card reading data of the patrol reader is uploaded to the computer end through the data line. Guard patrol system is simple to install, easy to use, easy to modify, manage and operate.
Application: Guard patrol system is suitable for building and residential property, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, factories and mines, enterprises and institutions, fire prevention, security patrolling.
  • Oil: oil pipeline, natural gas pipeline, oil tank storage area, oil field and well facilities patrol patrolling. 
  • Power: substation, transformer, high voltage tower, wire pole, high voltage line, power plant, watt-hour meter reading, safety appliances patrolling. 
  • Railway: roadbed, rail, bridge, water and electricity, locomotive, warehouse, waiting hall patrolling. 
  • Telecommunication: optical cable, telephone line, telephone booth, line pole, transmitter station patrolling. 
  • Public security: patrol, traffic police, police cars, sentries, prison guards patrol. 
  • Army: frontier defense, sentry, ammunition depots and munitions depots patrolling. 
  • Grain depot: fire, waterproof, insect – proof, temperature, humidity control patrolling. 
  • Forestry: forest fire prevention, forest police patrol, animal and plant protection, anti-hunting patrol. 
  • Mining industry: coal mine safety, facilities, vehicles, coal field patrol patrolling. 
  • Hospital: nurse rounds, body care, personnel assessment, security patrol. 
  • Post office: mail box, warehouse, bus frequency/time management patrolling. 
  • Airport: waiting hall, runway patrol, fire patrolling. 
  • School: campus, teaching building, dormitory, laboratory building, library patrolling.