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Project Necessity

In recent days, with the increasing temperature and rainfall, the unsafe factors that induce accidents increase, bringing many disadvantages to the normal production of chemical enterprises and sounding the alarm for the safety production in summer. In order to strengthen the detailed management, to ensure the safe production and stable operation of equipment. This requires the maintenance personnel must improve the sense of responsibility, do a good job patrol, maintenance, operation, improve the level of operation and equipment maintenance, timely find and deal with problems.


Through the use of the JWM guard patrol system to strengthen the ecological park post patrol and maintenance of facilities. It can accurately judge whether the security guards can arrive at the designated position according to the patrol requirements and record the patrol information to check whether the security guards arrive, late or early.

Project Introduction

Shanxi Lubao group, founded in April 1994, is a large sino-foreign joint venture in the fields of new materials, energy, logistics and so on. Lubao industrial park It is one of the top ten coking industrial parks in Shanxi Province and one of the important bases in the Shanxi coal chemical industry circular economy cluster area.

Solve Problems

1. Solve the problem of missing patrol, strictly implement the patrol plan and system, earnestly perform duties, increase the patrol frequency, ensure the smooth communication within 24 hours, reasonably allocate manpower and material resources, and ensure the smooth flow of information.
2. JWM guard tour system strengthens the security and hidden danger identification of key posts, and ensure timely reporting and proper handling of emergency plans in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures in case of accidents or emergencies, so as to minimize the losses caused by accidents and disasters.
3. Urge the security guards to do a good job in the maintenance of production equipment and safety facilities, and carry out regular patrol according to the patrol plan to ensure that the safety facilities are in good condition.
4. Replaced the traditional check-in mode, conducted unified management of patrol in a more scientific and effective way.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V8