Location: Shandong Qingdao Mobile Company

Project necessity:

Shandong Qingdao mobile company is an open place with large turnover of staff and certain security risks. In order to create a good operating environment, build a safety management image and ensure the personal and property safety of customers and staff in the hall, Shandong Qingdao mobile company introduced the JWM patrol management system.



Qingdao mobile GPS patrol is centered in Qingdao and divided into sections according to each county. Track patrol is adopted. The security guards of each county are responsible for the patrol of the above-mentioned transmission lines according to their division of labor. The security guards shall complete the patrol within the specified time period and arrive at the designated patrol point by walking or driving.

Project Introduction:

Shandong Qingdao mobile company since its inception, always adhere to the “double leading services and business strategy” as a guide, give full play to the role of the dominant operator, in customer service, business development, and so on mobile information construction has achieved excellent results, Qingdao mobile communication company network capacity has reached 2.2 million, Internet users reached 1.7 million, volume exceeding 600 million text messages, all the year-round.

Mobile company daily patrol

Solve Problems:

1. Through the control center in Qingdao, the checkpoints and sections of each county along the fiber optic cable are set up.
2. Realize real-time monitoring of security guards of each county unit and achieve the purpose of centralized management.
3. Check the cable line resource data to obtain more scientific patrol resource data.
4. Each county can collect the patrol data, carry out the patrol assessment, and provide the patrol work report of various transmission lines to Qingdao center.

Product Introduction:

GPS Tracking Watchman Clocking System