Guard Patrol System of Anhui Sino-Australian Vocational College of Science and Technology

School is the cradle of cultivating talents, and it is also a part of society. It has various connections with society all the time. Due to the large size of the campus, scattered sites, numerous students, and the complex surrounding environment on campus, there will also be a series of safety hazards in campus life. Therefore, we should pay more attention to campus safety and require special security systems strict. 

Urgent Problem

Security patrols cannot be effectively supervised, and hidden dangers on campus cannot be investigated in time. Whether safe passages, corridors, and other locations are unimpeded at any time cannot be guaranteed. The fire-fighting facilities placed in various locations on the campus are often forgotten to patrol, and the facilities are damaged or expired and cannot be known.



Security patrols use patrol wand to read cards at various locations. Develop a patrol plan for special areas, place patrol points, and urge security personnel to patrol as planned. Install patrol points at each location where fire-fighting facilities are placed, formulate a patrol cycle, and form a patrol plan.


Patrol and automatically record the time when the security arrived at each location. The rate of patrols in special areas has increased significantly, and the campus is safer. The security guard patrol each fire-fighting facility on time through the patrol plan, and found that the unusable facilities were replaced in time.

Project Background

Anhui China-Australia Vocational College of Science and Technology is a public full-time general higher education institution approved by the Anhui Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education.


According to the actual situation of the campus, the school safety administrator installs patrol points at each location that needs key patrol, and then sets the patrol point after sensing with the patrol wand as the name of the corresponding position through the guard patrol system. The location, patrol time, period, and security name are entered into the patrol system to make a patrol plan. During security patrol, it is necessary to hold the patrol wand to read the card at each patrol point according to the patrol plan, and the patrol wand automatically stores the card reading location and time. After the patrol, the guard uploads the data in the patrol wand to the electronic patrol system, and the system automatically organizes the data into a patrol report for the manager to view.

Product Model: WM-5000V5

WM-5000V5 uses three-color LED indicators and vibration dual prompts, which is extremely simple and humane design. The fuselage adopts a silica gel outer metal shell, a silica gel inner liner, and the protection level is IP67.

Solve Problem

  • 1. Develop patrol guard, time, tasks, and patrol plan, and quantify the work of security guard to avoid leaving or leaving their posts; 
  • 2. By using the patrol wand, the security guard can ensure that they regularly patrol the school park, office buildings, dormitories, and various monitoring blind spots on a regular basis, reducing safety accidents caused by potential safety hazard
  • 3. Ensure the quality of patrols to understand and discover problems in a timely manner, resolve and deal with all kinds of conflicts as soon as possible, and avoid the expansion of the situation and the intensification of conflicts; 
  • 4. Analyze and process patrol information through the background software to provide useful information for security work, formulate corresponding strategies, solve problems in the bud, and prevent problems before they occur;