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Project Necessity

With the rapid development of market economy and the acceleration of urban modernization, people have higher and higher requirements for residential quarters. It is an important work for property management companies to create civilized residential quarters. It needs constant efforts, continuous innovation, active creation of conditions and rich connotation.Some residents’ awareness of fire safety is not in place, and there are security management loopholes in the community. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the security guard patrol systems in property management to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for residents.
  • 1.Corridor: whether the fire passage is smooth, whether the evacuation indicator switch is intact, and whether the fire door and electric well door are locked.
  • 2.Whether there is damage.
  • 3.Whether the fire-fighting equipment, facilities and other public facilities are in good condition, and whether there are vehicles and sundries occupying the fire-fighting passage area.
  • 4.Whether there is oil leakage or artificial damage of vehicles in the parking lot.
  • 5.Whether the building exterior wall, floor doors and windows are in good condition, and whether there is the possibility of falling objects.
  • 6.The door lock is damaged by nobody.
  • 7.Whether there are unattended pets in the park.

Project Introduction

In order to strengthen the safety management of the community and establish a good service image, Minde Property Management Co., Ltd. introduced the patrol guard management to assist the security patrol work.The management personnel shall make the patrol plan, install the checkpointtags, and the patrol staff shall carry out the patrol according to the plan, hold the guard tour reader and check the security situation in the community 24 hours a day. Check the security situation hourly. Check the security situation in the patrol station once an hour in the process, if outsiders, such as peddlers, are found, they should be advised to leave the community. Once the residents are found to have illegally built buildings or set them up in case of occupying the public area with articles, it is necessary to dissuade or report to the management department in time, and to afforest, public facilities or parking lot of the community. All the public security of the city should be patrolled.

Solve Problems

  • 1. Patrol staff, time, task and patrol plan, and conduct quantitative assessment on the work of patrol staffto avoid the person leaves the post.
  • 2. The software has the function of customizing the patrol plan, making a perfect patrol plan in combination with the characteristics of the community, and improving the efficiency and management efficiency.
  • 3. Through the analysis and processing of patrol information by backstage software, provide useful information for the work of the management personnel, and formulatethe corresponding strategy is to solve the problem in the bud and prevent the trouble before it happens.
  • 4. The patrol machine has its own flashlight function. Patrol staffdo not need to wear another flashlight during night patrol, which is more convenient for work.
  • 5. Establish the image of the property management company and improve the satisfaction of the residents.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000V4s