Guard Patrol System-Liaoning Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Location:Liaoning Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Project Necessity

There are a large number of laboratories, and insufficient safety supervision can easily cause pollution or disease transmission.Security personnel lazy and neglected their duties, fire exits and some corners were not comprehensively investigated, causing security incidents.


In order to strengthen the safety work management of the CDC office building and the management of security guard patrolsJWM developed its own inductive security patrol system for its needs. Through this system, security guards are urged to conduct regular patrols in the office areas, laboratories, fire-fighting facilities and surrounding areas of the office building in accordance with the ruled patrol management plan, so as to identify hidden dangers and solve them in time. This kind of patrolling method can greatly enhance the safety work of the CDC and effectively supervise and manage the patrol work of security guards.

Project Introduction

During the patrolling, the security guards carried the JWM guard tour system to patrol the offices, stairs, fire exits and halls in the building according to the requirements of the patrol plan. Especially for 21 key laboratories such as physical and chemical laboratories, health microbiology laboratories, toxicology laboratories, and radiological health laboratories. In the time to reach the designated checking point. The patrol information is collected by reading the tags, and the information will be sent to the management center through GPRS, and the backstage system software automatically processes, analyzes, counts, and reports. It not only improves the efficiency of management but also provides managers with scientific and accurate patrol information and query basis.

Solve Problems

1. The managers develops a patrol plan through the patrol software backstage. And unified management of the security guards of the disease control center, greatly improving the efficiency of patrol;
2. The management center monitors the patrol guards in real-time and assesses the performance of them. Reducing guards lazy and neglected their duties;
3. Ensure the smooth flow and security of all areas and fire exits, clean up misplaced items in time, and discover hidden dangers or problems in a timely manner;

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000L5