Guard Patrol System-Hunan Chenzhou Public Security Bureau

Location: Hunan Chenzhou Public Security Bureau


Project Necessity

The development of the society needs to be guaranteed by stability, and the primary task of the public security organs is to create a stable and harmonious social security environment. In order to deepen the “peace Chenzhou” to create work, Chenzhou public security bureau patrol brigade closely combined with the current city’s social security situation, in accordance with the requirements, effectively strengthen public security patrol prevention and control work, to ensure the overall situation of social security continued stability. 


When the police on duty go out, they carry out security patrol to the community with the GPS guard tour system and maintain social order. The JWM GPS patrol system uploads the data to the management platform in real-time, and the command personnel can monitor the specific position and patrol track in real-time through the electronic map. In case of emergency can also be solved in time. While doing a good job of public work, ensuring the efficient implementation of public safety precautions has also reduced the crime rate in the jurisdiction. 

Project Introduction

The primary organization of the police station of public security system for management of public security in accordance with state regulations and the superior public security organ shall, within the limits of their authority, complete the following duties: fighting against criminals and prevent the occurrence of accidents, management social security, maintain public order and safeguard people’s legitimate rights and interests shall not be infringed upon and defend the national security.

Solve Problems

1. Strengthen the internal assessment of police stations and adopt the JWM patrol management system to assess the work status of field police. 

2. The police station can keep track of the work and actions of the outgoing policemen. 

3. In case of emergency, the outgoing police can report to the police in time through the GPS guard patrol software. 4. Promote the construction of public security prevention and control systems and strive to create safe cities.

Product Introduction

Model: WM-5000P5+