Guard Patrol System for Nursing Home Security

Nursing home is not a simple catering accommodation department, along with the progress of the times, the nursing home has become can provide health care for people, entertainment, sports leisure, conference reception, logistics and other therapy recuperation service comprehensive enterprise. Nursing homes are different from general enterprises, more than very uncertain factor – “flow people”.

As the golden character of “workers’ nursing home”, Dalian workers’ nursing home has a large number of staff gathering and a large number of staff turnover, which makes the convalescence safety problem more and more important in normal operation. There are certain risks in fire safety, food safety, and medical safety, which makes us put forward higher requirements for safety work during convalescence. After a long time of investigation, the workers’ nursing home finally introduced JWM patrol management system, and strengthened the work assessment of security guard through the management system, so that every patrol personnel could patrol the important places of the nursing home according to the requirements, and nip hidden dangers in the cradle.

  • According to the requirements of patrol can check whether illegal use, storage of inflammable and explosive goods.
  • Check whether smoking in violation of regulations, littering cigarette butts and matches, and make key patrolling on the locations where smoking is prohibited.
  • Check whether there is occupation, blockage, closure of evacuation channels, safety exits or other phenomena that hinder safe evacuation.
  • The focus is to check whether there is any damage, misappropriation or unauthorized removal or disuse of fire control facilities and equipment, and timely deal with and replace the facilities with problems.
  • Put an end to the phenomenon of staff leaving their posts, made continuous inspections, supervision, and service, and eliminated all kinds of potential safety hazards in the bud.